Questions & Clearing Limiting Beliefs

“A creative mind makes uncommon connections. So does a crazy mind. A creative mind makes uncommon insightful connections” ~ Messiah’s Handbook by Richard Bach

You may have to check out my first blog of the day at AHHHHHH to fully understand how relevant the above quote is, but I will try to connect the dots for you below.

While I was having trouble sleeping last night, I kept thinking about how I wanted to accomplish my goals, if for no other reason than to let my son know that it was possible for him to accomplish his. I would never want him to give up, that is one of the saddest things to me as I believe that we have our dreams and ambitions because they are akin to our calling. Yes, I believe that we all have a calling, whether that is as a chambermaid at a Motel 6, President of a country  or being the next Mother Teresa – we all have a unique calling.

I knew as I lie there, that I had some limiting beliefs that needed clearing. One thought that my Monkey Brain or the neurotic little voice in my head (see definition of monkey brain AKA Neurotic little voice here) keeps throwing at me is “If you haven’t achieved financial independence by 35 what makes you think you ever will.” I do know that this is my monkey brain and therefore merely a thought to laugh at, but it also points me to a place where I have some clearing that needs to happen.

Apparently, there is still a part of me that believes that I am not capable of doing that which I want to do. A part of me that feels incapable, that believes that it is all luck or timing or whatever. Apparently, part of me is still blocking the flow of abundance in my life.

The good news is – that I am realizing it! Now, how do I go about clearing it? There for a while one of my daily affirmations was “I am so proud of myself for believing in myself enough to let all of my dreams come true, or something better.” Adding this back in wouldn’t hurt – but I want to clear this limitation out for good. Another thing that pops into my mind is the revelation I had the last time I got stuck here which was If I could love myself & have as much faith in myself as I do my child that I could in fact accomplish anything.

For those of you who are parents already – have you ever tried and successfully loved yourself as much as you do your child? I’m still struggling with that. When I think about the fact that my parents loved me as much as I love my child I am overwhelmed.

I am almost afraid to love myself that much.

  • Q: Why am I afraid to love myself?
  • A: I don’t want to have that big of an ego.
  • Q: Really? I am afraid of having an ego?
  • A: Partly, I don’t want to be knocked down by karma for being too full of myself
  • Q: But that isn’t real self-love – that is over inflated fake ego typically stemming from a lack of self-confidence and love – real self love comes with a deep appreciation for others and the ability to grow and change. So what is really keeping me from loving myself?
  • A: I don’t want to work that hard. If I chose to really love myself, I have to live differently. I will need to push myself more, in the gym, at home, in all my relationships. It just seems daunting and exhausting. 
  • Q: Is that really what self love is all about? Pushing yourself, never accepting yourself as you are? That doesn’t seem correct, does it?
  • A: well, no
  • Q: So – why do you think that truly loving yourself is a daunting endeavor?
  • A: When I think of how much my parents love me – of how much they want for me – it feels like a huge burden – an enormous amount of responsibility. How can I ever live up to being deserving of that much love.
  • Q: Whoa . . . . there’s a lot to address in that answer. First – take a breath. Now tell me, when you think of your son and how much you want for him – is there anything he has to do in order for you to continuing loving him? Is there even anything that he could do that would lessen your love for him?
  • A: No – he doesn’t have to do anything, I love him as unconditionally as any human is capable of loving another human.
  • Q: Wouldn’t your parents love for you be just as unconditional?
  • A: Yes, but how do I live up to what they want for me?
  • Q: You don’t have to live up to anything for them to love you, but let’s go with this here – What do they want for you?
  • A: For me to be happy and to accomplish my dreams.
  • Q: Isn’t that also what you want for yourself?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Then where is the problem?
  • A: I’m confused.
  • Q: 🙂 Let’s slow down. Take another deep breath. You say that having people who love you unconditionally causes you a burden – a burden of needing to live up to what they want for you – but what they want for you is the same as what you want for yourself.
  • A: Yes, I’m with you so far
  • Q: So if you and your parents want the same thing for you, then why do you feel a burden?
  • A: Because I love them and I don’t want to let them down. . . .
  • Q: If you never accomplish your highest goal and choose not to be happy – will they love you any less?
  • A: No – of course not, although they may not be happy with my choices
  • Q: Understandable, but they will still love you
  • A: Yes
  • Q: So where is the pressure? What burden, what pressure are you feeling? Here – let us re-frame this. If both you and your parents who love you unconditionally want the same things for you, to be happy and to accomplish your dreams – then it seems like you have a couple of solid allies in your corner. Isn’t that true?
  • A: I guess so, heck, my whole family, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews, husband and child – they all want those things for me too. So I guess I really have a lot of people who love me and are wanting me to succeed. This makes me want to cry.
  • Q: What about it makes you want to cry?
  • A: How do I deserve this?
  • Q: What makes you think you don’t?
  • A: Because I haven’t made good on my goals yet
  • Q: So what? Have you been mostly happy?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Even if you had not been mostly happy – you would still be deserving of having your friends and family in your corner wishing you all the success in the world. But since your answer is yes – then you are already half way there.
  • A: I guess that if I want to – I can even channel this energy, all of the energy from all the people who love me – channel it into my focus for my goals? Use that to help me achieve success.
  • Q: Of course you can. 🙂 Is there anything else that makes you feel, think or believe that you are not worthy of unconditional love?
  • A: I’m not sure.
  • Q: Well, what comes up? I choose to know, is there anything else that makes me feel unworthy of love or my greatest dreams?
  • A: Not capable
  • Q: Why do you feel you’re not capable – and not capable of what?
  • A: I feel like I am not capable of achieving my greatest dreams.
  • Q: Okay, why?
  • A: I choose to know why I don’t feel capable of achieving my greatest dreams, because that isn’t why I chose to come into this life.
  • Q: Whoa? Wait – What? Are you supposed to be some sort of martyr or something?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Huh? Where did this come from?
  • A: I don’t know.
  • Q: Is this part of a victim mentality?
  • A: Yes, but there are a lot of causes worth fighting for
  • Q: Okay- it sounds like what we really have here is another spin on the whole “I shouldn’t be happy because the world isn’t perfect” excuse. Am I correct?
  • A: Maybe, I’m not sure
  • Q: Let me clarify – I feel as though I am not capable of accomplishing my greatest dreams because there are causes to fight for that are more important than my dreams – is this correct?
  • A: That is what I was saying yes.
  • Q: Okay – so you don’t feel this way now?
  • A; I feel like I should accomplish my greatest financial dreams in order to have a greater positive affect in the changes that I wish to see in the world.
  • Q: Now, I’m confused. 🙂 So – when it comes to your greatest dreams – there is the financial side and the positive impact on the world side. So what I was initially saying was that I thought the change the world side should come before the financial side – but now I realize that should the financial side come first it may aid the change the world side.
  • A: Correct and I can even work on both concurrently.
  • Q: Okay – so I choose to know is there anything else inhibiting me from believing in my ability to achieve my greatest dreams?
  • A: I am not patient. This causes me problems, in the past I’ve often given up on something or not stayed the course because of a lack of patience.
  • Q: Would merely reminding myself how much I am loved, how many people are cheering me on and how much I deserve to love myself help me to persevere?
  • A: Why yes, yes I think it would.
  • Q: Okay – write down a new affirmation – I am so lucky to have so many amazing people loving me and rooting for me to accomplish my goals, or something even better. Add this – along with the others to your daily list to review.
  • A: Okay. I just had another twinge of negativity pop up from the monkey brain. .
  • Q: What about? What sparked it?
  • A: When I mentioned my daily list to review – I have yet to be successful keeping up with my ‘daily tasks’ as yet.
  • Q: So what keeps you from keeping up with daily tasks?
  • A: Back to the whole loving myself enough again, so I guess this clearing session is really helping with that. It was merely a twinge until I drew attention to it.
  • Q:  That is okay. The fact that there was a twinge and that I was able to define it, in and of itself is a good sign. I AM MAKING PROGRESS!! Do I need to clear some more?
  • A: I guess it would not hurt. I AM MAKING PROGRESS. I am allowed to love myself as much as I love my son. I am capable of being happy and accomplishing my dreams.
  • Q: Did that feel good?
  • A: Haha yes, I guess it did. Now I have new affirmation cards to make.



  • Q: Yes, yes I do – is there anything else I need to clear on before I get to that task?
  • A: Yes, I am a little concerned about motivation for the task of making phone calls to drum up some business tomorrow.
  • Q: Do I offer fantastic services?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Do I go above and beyond for my clients?
  • A: I choose to now go above and beyond  – yes.
  • Q: Am I doing them a favor by offering them other products and services?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Then why am I apprehensive about making calls?
  • A: I don’t want to bother people
  • Q: I just said that I am offering a great service, that I go above and beyond for my customers and that I am doing them a favor letting them know what else I offer. So why are you worried about bothering them?
  • A: They may not be thinking about what I am calling about when I call.
  • Q: So can you clear that up with a simple – ‘Have I caught you at a good time?’
  • A: I guess
  • Q: Care to elaborate?
  • A: I guess I just want to do what Deborah is trying to teach me to do – I want to be able to connect with these people, to become someone that they want to work with.
  • Q: What is stopping me from doing that?
  • A: I really loathe being on the phone and have a difficult time connecting with people over the phone.
  • Q: This is a whole other animal. Why do you loathe being on the phone?
  • A: Hard to connect – read people on the phone
  • Q: Is this something that you can overcome
  • A: It is something that I need to overcome
  • Q: How can I overcome my difficulty connecting with people over the phone.
  • A: Say a prayer before each call that I can be of service to the people that I am trying to reach and do business with
  • Q: Interesting idea, so this will help me connect and build positive relationships with clients?
  • A: Yes it will.
  • Q: Okay – how does this prayer go?
  • A: Dear lord, please help me to be of service to ______. Please allow me to connect to them at a time of receptivity and convenience. Please help me to not only provide great service but to also make a more human connection in an otherwise business day. What do I think?
  • Q: I think it may need a little tweaking but that it will work for a start. Do you feel better about the work at hand for tomorrow?
  • A: I do, I want to remember to record my calls though.
  • Q: Put up a note!




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I got into work late again today and have spent literally over two hours discovering how NOT to forward my emails so that they can all be checked in one place & how NOT to be able to alter the notification sounds on my smartphone – so when my phone makes a sound I don’t know if I have received an email or a text message.

It may sound very childish, but I was literally in tears. I currently have over 8 email accounts – there are days that I spend well over 20 minutes trying to figure out where I received or sent a particular email. Forwarding them and handling them all in one place seemed like a great idea. At this point, it has not worked. Part of me wants to try again . . .

Hubby says take a walk, I normally do this. It is a good way to get my mind going in a different direction. I guess I am going to go do that now.

I walked, I do feel a little better even though this time I did not have a revelation as to how to fix my conundrum.  I do realize that I need to allow myself to focus on that which I am focused on. I guess that I need to let go of things that I think are problematic. I guess it goes back to Goal Setting and Letting Go. My intuition seems to be telling me that I need to focus on that which I am feeling driven to do even when there is something else calling for my attention. Can this be right?

My goal for the day was to come into the office, check my email and knock out getting something accomplished. I was just certain that I could get this ‘something’ accomplished even though I didn’t really define what that something was – which in that case – who is to say that I didn’t accomplish it. The feeling & visuals that I had about what would be accomplished was that it would have to do with my email list and opt-in page. I haven’t even looked at all of that yet.

So – my focus for the day has shifted. So much so that I am going to write 2 separate blogs. This one and one on clearing limiting beliefs and asking the right questions since I think maybe that is more important right now. . . .

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What would Joe Vitale Do?

I am a BIG FAN of Mr. Fire, AKA Joe Vitale. The first of his works that I picked up was Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, probably 7 or 8 years ago.  This is still probably my most re-read book of all time. I have studied many of the teachers that Dr. Joe Vitale collaborated with to create this book and HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE. I’ve never given it to anyone who didn’t get a lot of valuable insights out of it.

Shortly thereafter I saw the movie, The Secret – and then I purchased Joe’s book The Attractor Factor. I have continued to study Joe and his books and programs ever since and have found all of his works to be of value. Last summer I even enrolled in one of his coaching programs and I gained some invaluable insights there too.

This morning as I lie awake – long before my alarm was to sound, I wondered what would Joe Vitale do if he were in my shoes? Would he see my sleeping in daily till 10am a problem that needed to be resolved? Would he see it as inhibiting me from accomplishing my career/buiness/financial goals that I often don’t make it into the office before noon? As I lied there wondering – I also believed I knew the answer.

If in my mind, I could not be a success without getting into the office early each morning then that would be true. If however, I believed I could be successful no matter what time I arrive so long as I take action and believe that I will be successful, I will be.

As I type this, I hope that I am in NO way mis-interpreting his teachings as I have the utmost respect for this man and hope to one day not only meet him, but also to call him a personal friend. I do think though, that I have it right.

I also wonder, does he sleep in? Does he always await inspiration to strike to begin work on his projects or does he simply use tools like The Secret Mirror and The Remembering Process to get things done?

I can imagine he would respond with the following. When I am passionate I want to keep moving and yes I do use many of the tools and techniques that I have presented to get the creative inspiration going when I may not be feeling it because I’ve learned that forcing a creation doesn’t work and doesn’t get the desired results.

Next Question – “Dr. Vitale, I find my biggest conflict is that there are soo many projects that I feel inspired about. There are too many things to accomplish with each one – I often just don’t know which one to work on next. Sometimes this even prevents me from taking any action at all.”

Imagined Response to this would be the following: “You have to take action, so do what you feel the most guided to do and take it one step at a time.”

So Dr. Vitale, today, I felt inspired to write a blog that is an imaginary conversation with you and to put my best effort into contacting you directly. 🙂 I hope that someday I will be a valuable friend to you and your amazing community of great thinkers. I also hope that if I was off in any of my imagined responses from you – that I wasn’t too far off and that I truly honored your teachings.

Products mentioned in this article are available for purchase here:

  • Life’s Missing Instruction Manual – one of the best books I’ve ever read. Highly recommend it to EVERYONE! No matter where you are in life 5 stars.
  • The Secret – if you missed the movie you must have been under a rock some where for a long time. 🙂 Check it out. I also keep a copy of the book handy. I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t yet believe that they can create their own destiny. 4 Stars
  • The Attractor Factor – This is a book about making the secret work. I have referenced it many times. If you are trying to manifest something – especially something specific – this book is for you. 4 stars
  • The Remembering Process – Help to get out of writers block or any other creative block you may have. Perfect if you want to create something by a deadline or even if you just want to do it quickly. I’ve found this to be a remarkably effective technique. 4 stars
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The Law of Attraction – Goal Setting and Letting Go

I’ve studied the Law of Attraction for a very long time, since about the time The Secret was first released. One thing that I have struggled with the most is the whole concept of accept whatever comes and do not worry over what does not.

For those of you not familiar with the law of attraction or the Secret movie – basically ‘thoughts are things’. If you think you are going to be late for work you are, if you say you can’t, you can’t- if you say you can, you can. If you claim that you are sick, happy, confident, tired, wealthy, poor, a victim – then you ARE. Furthermore – what you spend your time and energy thinking about comes to pass. So if you are constantly worried about car crashes, diseases or obsessed with thinking about your debt – then you will get more car crashes, diseases and debt.

I believe fully in the law of attraction, I believed in it before I had that name for it. The tricky part to me, is that when you want something and are doing what you can to manifest that thing – that you have to also let go of it. How does one set a goal and not worry about actually achieving the goal? It goes against most of the lessons I’ve learned in goal planning and this dissonance confounded me for years.

I think I finally understand, but my understanding comes from studying meditation – not from studying the law of attraction. Life, is about the journey – PERIOD. Simply put, you may start out wanting to build roller coasters, but find yourself a jet engineer instead. Is that a failure? Not necessarily.

Joe Vitale is the one who taught me over and over again, to always put ‘this or something better’ at the end of my goals and affirmations, because sometimes the really awesome stuff that comes into our lives is beyond our imagination at the time when we are setting these goals up. He covers the whole process of attracting what you want through the law of attraction in depth in his best seller The Attractor Factor which you can purchase here. He also makes it very clear that you need to be unattached to the results. Set the goal, then let it go.

So when I set out to make a million, what is my real goal? My goal is not to worry about money, to be able to take vacations and to be able to afford the best medical care for myself and my family should that need ever arise. I have a goal to one day own a home, preferably some land and a home that we have built to suit our unique set of parameters. I also dream that someday, I will start a not-for-profit organization to help small business owners get into their first homes. My goals also include having all of my businesses be profitable – not operating on a loss.

It wasn’t until I forced myself to sit down and do the numbers that I was able to really formulate what my financial goals were. For example – I knew that I was making monthly payments on all of my debts, but until I sat down, totaled them up and made a specific goal, I didn’t know what it was going to take to truly be in the green.

I realized that saying I wanted to be debt free wasn’t a good goal – after all, what does your subconscious or the manifesting universe hear when you say debt free– debt. So I finally realized what I wanted – it wasn’t just to be financially independent, that is too vague. I want to have my businesses operating in the green. For them to all truly to be showing profits and today I sat down and discovered what numbers it would take to make that a reality.

My new specific affirmations or goals,  I am proudly seeing and showing all of my companies in the green in only 6 months, or something even better! I am ecstatic earning over $$$ a month or something even better. I am elated reaching my goal of $$$ Gross and $$$ AGI for 2015 or something even better. 

According to Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Schienfeldd (which you can purchase here) I am just playing the numbers game. Scheinfeld attests that there isn’t really any money coming in and out of our accounts and that we can all at any time choose to believe that the money we need will always be there and so long as we do believe – so shall it be.  The author claims that he finally gets to a point where he no longer checks his bank accounts, he simply knows that there is always more than enough money in there. This was a really hard one for me to swallow. I guess the only reason for Bill Gates or Donald Trump to check their checking account is either for the fun of it or fraud prevention, but according to this book we should all be able to do it – no matter the size of our perceived net worth, since we come from a state of abundance and therefore are all infinitely abundant whether we realize it or not.

I’ve always believed that yes, the universe takes care of you as long as you believe it will and most of the time, after 15 years in a somewhat seasonal business, I have no problem knowing that even when I start out the month with no money on the calendar that somehow I will manage to get all of my bills or as they say in Busting Loose ‘requests for appreciation’ paid.

In the last 6 months, my faith in the universe has been thwarted by my own lack of faith in my worthiness. Let me explain – I was incredibly frustrated with myself. Over and over again I would sleep in with my hubby and baby, over and over again I would not get tasks accomplished by the dates I had originally set as target goals, therefore I became more and more convinced that the universe wasn’t going to be sending me that money I needed to adequately take care of my family because I was not putting forth the effort I needed to in order to make that happen.

Truth be told, whether I came into the office or not, if my faith had not wavered, neither would have my income. Instead, my energetic level started to be less and less due to the lack of worthiness I felt and since that is where my focus went, being upset with myself for inaction, that is what I saw more and more of.

Lesson finally learned – In listening to Inspired Marketing (which you can purchase here), Cindy Cashman talks about only doing that which you enjoy doing – for if you do not enjoy it then you are not following your inspiration. I first heard of Cindy Cashman when I got my first and maybe favorite and most revisited success book of all time, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual. I really loved what she had to say – she posited that we all know the answers to our questions – if we will only keep asking questions. I later learned that simply adding the phrase I choose to know at the end of the question makes a huge difference in getting the answers out.

A big part of my joy these days is spending time with my hubby and baby boy. Even though I am on this journey to a million – I have made a commitment to myself to enjoy the journey, after all once I get there and the dream is accomplished, I will simply set another goal. So it is best to enjoy the journey.

If I don’t make it to the office until 1, I don’t make it until 1. The universe will still take care of me, I will still go above and beyond for my clients and as long as I am in good spirits and making progress each day towards my goals, being unattached to what actually manifests I will reach my greatest yet to be.

Links to books/products listed in this post:

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MYTH – It takes money to make money

In my life, I have heard this tired cliché It takes money to make money more times than I can count and it is sooo not true. I believe that this is one of the many things that inhibits people from going after their dreams simply because they do not have start up capital.

I fully believe that you can make money with the resources that you already have available to you, typically from expenses that you already make day to day. For example, have an internet connection or a library card? Well, there you go – already you have nearly an unlimited source of knowledge and information available to you. A Cliche I do like – Knowledge is Power. Indeed it is!

When I started my first successful business, I didn’t spend a dime. I made a few phone calls and I started marketing a skill that I already had. After a short bit of marketing, I had my first income from marketing this skill, from that income – I invested part of what I had earned into more material for building my business. But I did not spend money before I started earning it!

My point is simply this, if you have passion and you want it bad enough – you can start making money today – without money! The opportunities in this world are endless. The trick is to find something that you are inspired to do and DO IT!

I just read a great story in a book called Inspired Marketing. As a young man, this guy wanted to be around his favorite rock bands and he read an article in a magazine about how one guy was getting all these guitar pics from his favorite musicians. He was so inspired by this story that not only did he begin his own guitar pic collection, but his inspiration ended up spurring a 25 year career as a music manager. All of this started by asking for something for free!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t enjoy the high pressure sales techniques that are so common out there. This book covers many principals that are elusive to those always trying to do things the ‘right way’ as opposed to following their inspiration or intuition. Many practical stories and examples in this book of interviews with successful inspired marketers mean that you are sure to glean some golden nugget that can help you understand what inspired marketing opportunities of yours that you’ve missed and why that is NOT a big deal.   Click here to purchase your copy.

Let me know your thoughts – Especially any times that you were able to bust the Myth of it taking money to make money!


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MSI’s What it takes to make a million

I logged into facebook this morning and saw an interesting post by a young entrepreneur I follow. Apparently, most millionaires have 7 sources of income. I am no stranger to the concept of multiple sources of income, but I certainly don’t have 7.

In fact, I’ve found it a little difficult to determine how to group my sources of income. I have two companies that specifically provide entertainment for parties and events, I thought about including them separately, but that just didn’t make sense. Instead, it makes more sense to categorize it like this;

  1. working as an entertainer
  2. making money from booking other entertainers & speakers
  3. working as a speaker
  4. working as a team builder, continuing education provider
  5. offering private consultations and energetic cleansing

This pretty much sums up my businesses that have been in operation for approximately 15 years. Is it fair to categorize my speaking and my entertaining as two separate forms of income? In fact, number’s 1,3, 4 & 5 all require my presence each time – even though they are different ways that I earn money.

I don’t think this is really 5 separate MSI’s. The new businesses that I am starting will still require my time in the beginning – but they won’t require my time all the way through. For example – I am starting this blog which will hopefully generate some cash, either from getting enough followers that I can run ads or from the products and programs I will review and promote. Once I have written a blog post, reviewed a product, or gained a following there should be some ‘mailbox money’ or ‘passive income’. Or put another way, money that can be earned without my direct involvement each time a $ is earned. So really – my list above should be like this;

  1. Working as an entertainer, speaking, team building or private consultations
  2. Making money from booking other entertainers, speakers, team builders and coaches
  3. NEW Blog promotions
  4. NEW Internet marketing campaigns
  5. NEW This book when it is finished
  6. NEW Creating my own development programs to sell

Now this looks like a list of 6 separate sources of income. I am tempted to put private consultations into a different category, but this is a great start! Now to just get numbers 3, 4, 5 & 6 going!

I want to keep going, to continue working on my MSI’s today, but technically it is a holiday weekend and I am going to be working all day tomorrow, literally 11:30am July 4th until to 2:30am July 5th. Plus – my office lease is up for renewal and I have been tasked with researching other locations.

Until Monday then – have a safe and happy Fourth of July Weekend!

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The Journey Begins

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – if that is the case, what about a million miles? Can you equate miles to dollars? For those of who have spent any time on a treadmill I think the answer would be a resounding YES!

Thank you for tuning in – it is going to be a wild ride, as is any journey that is worth the making. 🙂 I am going to skip over a lot of the this is who I am and where I came from as I know that all of that will come out later.

I am going to be as transparent as possible throughout this journey for 2 main reasons. 1. I want others to be able to benefit from my experiences and 2. I believe that by doing that which you are afraid to do – you achieve greater, more fulfilling success.

It seems important to me – to let you know just a couple of things about me from the start of this blog. This isn’t really the beginning of the journey – it began years ago, but until I found myself married and pregnant with our first child (born last August) – my goals were only a “I’ll get to that at some point” kind of pipe dream. My study of the movie and book “The Secret” and teachers like Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle & Joe Vitale, all began years ago.

My goal is also to maintain integrity in this blog, so it is important for me to tell you I will include links to what I consider to be great books and other resources that pay me a commission when you make a purchase, so please if you enjoy my blog even a little, buy through these links as it will not increase your cost & will help me to accelerate this journey and hopefully help you find a better quicker way to your dreams too!

My Facebook & Twitter will be updated too, with different content and I’m sure I’ll get an Instagram and Google+ going here pretty soon. If you would like to connect with me more directly there is always my personal facebook page.


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