I got into work late again today and have spent literally over two hours discovering how NOT to forward my emails so that they can all be checked in one place & how NOT to be able to alter the notification sounds on my smartphone – so when my phone makes a sound I don’t know if I have received an email or a text message.

It may sound very childish, but I was literally in tears. I currently have over 8 email accounts – there are days that I spend well over 20 minutes trying to figure out where I received or sent a particular email. Forwarding them and handling them all in one place seemed like a great idea. At this point, it has not worked. Part of me wants to try again . . .

Hubby says take a walk, I normally do this. It is a good way to get my mind going in a different direction. I guess I am going to go do that now.

I walked, I do feel a little better even though this time I did not have a revelation as to how to fix my conundrum.  I do realize that I need to allow myself to focus on that which I am focused on. I guess that I need to let go of things that I think are problematic. I guess it goes back to Goal Setting and Letting Go. My intuition seems to be telling me that I need to focus on that which I am feeling driven to do even when there is something else calling for my attention. Can this be right?

My goal for the day was to come into the office, check my email and knock out getting something accomplished. I was just certain that I could get this ‘something’ accomplished even though I didn’t really define what that something was – which in that case – who is to say that I didn’t accomplish it. The feeling & visuals that I had about what would be accomplished was that it would have to do with my email list and opt-in page. I haven’t even looked at all of that yet.

So – my focus for the day has shifted. So much so that I am going to write 2 separate blogs. This one and one on clearing limiting beliefs and asking the right questions since I think maybe that is more important right now. . . .

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