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I am a big fan of living for TODAY! I have never been one that can work a 9 to 5 (or worse) and be okay with it. For the longest time, I have berated myself for not working more hours as you would see if you have read any of my previous posts I’m sure you’ve noticed that this is a common thread in them. This isn’t the best as it has caused me to be in-congruent with what I want & think I deserve.

Many times I have been able to take the day off and while eternally grateful for this ability, I always took it as a sign of my slacking off. However my dedication toward balance in life allowed me to do it anyway. I realized even then that this belief that I was a slacker or that I couldn’t get ahead taking so much time off was counter productive, but none the less this old track kept playing in my head – holding me back.

I have also always believed that you should work smarter not harder, if you can earn a living working only 4 hours per week, why not do that and spend the rest of your time LIVING!! I have never believed that we came here to experience this life and that it was supposed to be one of struggle. Conversely, I’ve always believed in gaining as much experience as possible, living and doing as much as you want keeping your material possessions to a minimum as you can’t take them with you anyhow. I have also noticed that when I am aware of my ability to take time off and earn more $$ it has always come true.

It is literally only when I worry or fret about earning more $$, or berate myself for all those perceived SHOULD’s that my finances would tank. So – no more.

Recently I decided that I had done enough study of the LOA and that it was time to simply put everything  I had learned to work for me. After a while, I came to believe that maybe I could not do anything about the berating myself for not working more hours, I started to consider working 12 hour days – 6 days a week to satisfy my deep seeded belief that you have to work hard and be dedicated for long hours in order to achieve the type of financial success that I wanted. After all if you can’t change the belief at least you can work within it if you know what the belief is, right? WRONG!!!!

Working for the sake of work doesn’t do you any good. It doesn’t raise your vibration level, all it does is bog you down and make you miserable. I even went so far as to have a conversation with my spouse about taking on this insane work schedule to try and get us to the next level. He was as always dutifully supportive, but I didn’t even do it for 1 day. Luckily, later that week, I met with someone who told me about a book I simply must get.

What book? It is called “Train your Brain” by Dana Wilde. At the same time, I found another title that looked like it was right up my alley called The Four Hour Work Week. So, I began a new attack on living my ideal life while building the million dollar business of my dreams. 🙂

In “Train your Brain” by Dana Wilde, she talks about only having one mantra that you are focusing upon. This is really hard for me and I found myself getting caught in this spiral of should I work on this or should I work on that. Which is it? When I asked myself how would a conversation with Joe Vitale go about this particular dilemma? I can see myself describing the question to him and him looking at me with a kind face that implies are you kidding me, while saying “You mean that you have more than one business to promote all with original material, all things that you love and yet you think you have a ‘problem’ because you don’t know which to focus on? Look at it this way, you already have 3 complete businesses with which you can focus on!”

Duh, how lucky am I??!!!!! Seriously, as it stands right now, my primary businesses sustain my family, I don’t really have to do much other than answer the phone & my email occasionally, do a little paperwork and show up for the events. The marketing is minimal and so I really have plenty of time to dedicate to growing the businesses that can create the residual income I want and to build the speaking career that I want. All 4, actually of these businesses are up and running, all I have to do is get them profitable! I don’t have to result to some MLM – not that there is anything wrong with that, but I already have the ability to market things that are much more personal, profitable and unique.

So, now I am beginning to challenge myself with the concepts that I am learning in both “Train your Brain” by Dana Wilde and The Four Hour Work Week. I am done with my 2016 vision board as it no longer encompasses what I really want! I was not dreaming big enough. The Four Hour Work Week advocates that if you are shooting for average that there is more competition for this, so with higher demand = less availability, so why not aim higher?!

Perfect example – the main thing that I want financially for my family is a HOUSE. If I look at the homes near me, they are upwards of $225,000 less than 1800 square feet, less than 5000 square foot lots and 3 bedrooms and 1-2 baths. However, if I look at homes where I really want to be, which is a little further out so that I can get some land, I find a UNIQUE 2700 square foot home on a pond, with 2.5 acres for only $565,000. . . . The homes over $400K are not in demand like the homes under $300K and therefore they are on the market a lot longer, but how is there any comparison?!

So, I am now aiming higher. I am still having a little trouble focusing my one mantra like “Train your Brain” by Dana Wilde advocates, but at least I am finding some congruence in my overall vision. So what is that?

My goal is to live a life uncommon. I have a unique home with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths on at least 2 acres of land with a creek, pond or lake view. My home is secluded and has a large air-conditioned workshop for my husband who is an artist. I have at least a 2 car garage and live a minimalist lifestyle. I have an organic garden, personal chef who will meet our unique dietary requirements, chickens and part time tutor/nanny.  All of my walls are insulated with hempcrete. I travel at least 3 months a year. My family is be able to pursue any of their interests no matter the cost or time commitment because my husband and I work only for our pleasure on our passion projects.  I own a home in Costa Rica and we have the best in supplements and natural health care in addition to the finest foods, clothing and teachers in whichever field of study we are most interested in. I have all of this because I believe it was possible. I have 2 multi-million dollar enterprises because I know that I can achieve anything I can conceive. My friends and family from my early life are still amazed that this type of life is possible.



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Hello, my name is Kathryn. I am 35 years old and an entrepreneur of 15 years. I've always had the dream of financial independence and fulfilling my life's purpose (and yes, I'm one of those who believes we ALL have a life's purpose.) In the last 15 years, I've managed to live a pretty fun and flexible lifestyle although I have yet to have gained any real financial stability or even substantial retirement savings. A few years ago, I met and fell in love with an amazing man who is now my husband. We had our first child last year and now - the stakes are higher! This blog is my personal journey from running a truly small albeit profitable business to hopefully reaching that millionaire mark. My goal is to live a life free from financial strife, not a life consumed by work and material possessions. My husband and I are pretty well minimalists and would rather spend $10k on a vacation than $500 on a new suit. I hope to accomplish 3 things by sharing my journey. 1. To have accountability, so that I can't give up 2. Maybe help someone else along the way 3. Eventually turn this blog into a book, that may help even more people strive for and accomplish their dreams Whether you tune in for the long haul or only for a glimpse, thank you! I hope that you too have a blessed journey filled with inspired action and rewarding challenges. Namaste, Kathryn