Fly – fly at the edge of your comfort zone and watch what happens!

I find myself at a bit of a loss. Each morning when I awake, it is difficult to get out of bed. It has been this way for so long now. I try to just tell myself that I have energy, that I will have more energy if I will only get out of bed and get going. The Yoga is helping, but even in there, I see that I am not pushing myself, not really motivated.

What is holding me back from true motivation? What ever happened to that young gal that was willing to try anything? Do anything to be the best. Even now, I want to go back to sleep. I guess that yes, once again there is a part of me stuck in the mindset that we cannot change our surroundings, that we are given what we are given. . . I don’t really believe that do I?

Part of me believes that I have it so much better than so many others, so I need to just enjoy what I have. I agree, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t strive for more – that I should sit idly instead of taking inspired action toward being in the green in 2015.

In yoga or any exercise for that matter, I have to continue to tell myself that I am strong, that I am capable. I am energized. How though do I overcome fatigue?  I could fall asleep so easily right now. I am energized, I am energized. I have put on music for positive thinking, I am daily listening to my thought inspire audios. Yesterday I knocked out a big task, I copied over 400 email addresses into my email newsletter software and sent out a letter to begin the bookings for fall, which have already begun.

I do not however feel good about the letter I sent out, Why don’t I feel good about it? I am afraid that someone will see that I am offering to compete with my agents for their business and that they will not call me again. What if my agents see it as an attempt to get them work? What if I am really moving in the right direction with it? What if it is really just the beginning of my new SUCCESSFUL email campaigns?

I came to a realization this past weekend at the bridal show in Nevada Texas. I realized that I need to admit that I do just want to be taken care of. I need to accept that this is a part of me, that while yes I am capable of taking care of myself that YES I want it to be easy. I also need to acknowledge that I do not feel like it is easy.

What about it is not easy? Getting to the level of success I want is not easy? Why is that, because there is a trick to it. Is there? Isn’t there? What if it is just getting something accomplished every day? Each day just taking another step in the right direction. Even if they aren’t large steps – and to continue to learn and grow as I go along. But what if I want big goals fast, then don’t I have to work harder? What if I want to be able to have another child but to do that I feel like I want to have my life in the Green so that I can get us a larger home, be on top of all the appreciation that I will want to express to those who help me in bringing the new life into the world.

So truthfully then the hard part I am seeing is the urgency that I am placing on the want for things to be in the green. Yes? Wait –

Today in yoga I realized something, I realized that 3/4s of the time I simply don’t think I can do something and therefore I cannot – but when I do think I can it becomes a simple matter. There in yoga I began to wonder if there are 100’s of little things that seem undoable that pop into my mind in 1 hour of yoga – how many am I facing daily? What I need to affirm each day is that life is easy, that difficult things come easily to me. That I somehow manage to tap into the consciousness flow that brings what I want more easily into my life. Instead of looking into how to eliminate all of those 100’s of little undoables, look into the thousands of big doables. I can override the undoables – I can overcome that which tries to impede me by simply loving myself, by believing in myself.

It is amazing how easy it is to forget to love oneself. I must commit to loving myself, I do commit to loving myself. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am capable and there is nothing beyond my abilities that I desire to do. I am good at life at getting positive and engaged responses from people. I am good at helping people, I am good at connecting to the universal life energy flow and turning it into something more accessible to the other people in my life and beyond. Life is easy, Money is easy. The universal flow of the energy that we perceive as money is tapping into me now, I can feel it – feel the wave of it moving toward me – almost at lightning speed. I am so excited and overjoyed! I do believe that this money is mine – that I will be in the green in 2015. I know that the $11,000 a month is just the beginning and that so long as I continue to follow the flow and ride the edges of my comfort zone that I will continue to bring in more than I could ever need.

The universe takes care of me – so long as I trust it to do so. I do trust it to do so, I am so excited about sticking to the edges of my comfort zone – to be embracing my most vulnerable areas in pursuance of growth and I don’t just believe – I know that life is supporting me and that all the money – or energy that is represented in this reality as money is on it’s way to me NOW.

As all of this money energy makes its way to me I will first show appreciation to all of those who have helped me along the way to where I am now, I will take care of them before indulging in generously bestowing money on myself, my husband and baby.

The energy that is money feels amazing, it feels as thrilling as going on a roller coaster for the first time. I am thrilled to be experiencing it – I see it coming – I am watching it run to me, watching it flow like a waterfall into my bank accounts and pocketbook. Wow. Truly this is amazing. It is as though I did nothing at all except live my life to the fullest and here it came. Here the universe rewards me for living as we are all meant to truly live – at the edge of our comfort zone.

Come and join me! What does it feel like to you? I know that you can feel the flow of energy that is money manifest in this life – I know you can, so long as you try.

Pause for a moment – allow yourself to connect to the energy that is money. We can all connect to it, granted it is easier if we have experienced the having of it before – but we can all imagine it as we all come from a state of infinite abundance where no money is needed as we already are everything that money can buy. So believe for just a few moments that you can access the energetic field that is money in this reality, now draw it towards you, as you breathe in – draw the money towards you. After a few breaths in allow yourself to see the money flowing out to those whom you wish to express appreciation.  Feel yourself gaining this energy as it comes in and gaining more energy as you pass this energy out freely to all those you feel deserving of it. Imagine it, all that you desire to do is within your grasp. If you awake with a desire to try something anew, to do something that you have never tried before and you DO it! Everything that you desire to do you are capable of – anything which pops into your imagination is possible for you now, simply act and believe. That is all it takes – belief and action. Feel the energy, know that the possibility is there, the availability of your goals is ready for YOU!! Our dreams are ours for a reason, to give us something exciting to us to achieve.

Those who spend their life struggling – those who choose not to step up to the edge of their comfort zones do not gain that which the universe holds for them, as they are not trusting in the universe. Sort of like if you go to the refrigerator thinking that you are out of ketchup – you may not see that there is a brand new bottle right before your eyes. The money is there, the abilities to do that which you want to do are there if only you will ask and take the risk to develop the skill. Simply grasp onto the edge and hang on. Love yourself enough to not look back! Go where your heart takes you – fly – fly away with your dreams. Feel them overtake any worries which once occupied your mind. This life is the most beautiful of journey’s – we can achieve whatever we want – all we need to do is believe!

Tell me your thoughts, I want to hear them – what do you see when you are flying? What does the edge of your comfort zone look like? Is it the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? If not – fly higher!

I would be happy to walk you through this visualization if you are having trouble with it. Call me! 469.438.5010

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