What would Joe Vitale Do?

I am a BIG FAN of Mr. Fire, AKA Joe Vitale. The first of his works that I picked up was Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, probably 7 or 8 years ago.  This is still probably my most re-read book of all time. I have studied many of the teachers that Dr. Joe Vitale collaborated with to create this book and HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE. I’ve never given it to anyone who didn’t get a lot of valuable insights out of it.

Shortly thereafter I saw the movie, The Secret – and then I purchased Joe’s book The Attractor Factor. I have continued to study Joe and his books and programs ever since and have found all of his works to be of value. Last summer I even enrolled in one of his coaching programs and I gained some invaluable insights there too.

This morning as I lie awake – long before my alarm was to sound, I wondered what would Joe Vitale do if he were in my shoes? Would he see my sleeping in daily till 10am a problem that needed to be resolved? Would he see it as inhibiting me from accomplishing my career/buiness/financial goals that I often don’t make it into the office before noon? As I lied there wondering – I also believed I knew the answer.

If in my mind, I could not be a success without getting into the office early each morning then that would be true. If however, I believed I could be successful no matter what time I arrive so long as I take action and believe that I will be successful, I will be.

As I type this, I hope that I am in NO way mis-interpreting his teachings as I have the utmost respect for this man and hope to one day not only meet him, but also to call him a personal friend. I do think though, that I have it right.

I also wonder, does he sleep in? Does he always await inspiration to strike to begin work on his projects or does he simply use tools like The Secret Mirror and The Remembering Process to get things done?

I can imagine he would respond with the following. When I am passionate I want to keep moving and yes I do use many of the tools and techniques that I have presented to get the creative inspiration going when I may not be feeling it because I’ve learned that forcing a creation doesn’t work and doesn’t get the desired results.

Next Question – “Dr. Vitale, I find my biggest conflict is that there are soo many projects that I feel inspired about. There are too many things to accomplish with each one – I often just don’t know which one to work on next. Sometimes this even prevents me from taking any action at all.”

Imagined Response to this would be the following: “You have to take action, so do what you feel the most guided to do and take it one step at a time.”

So Dr. Vitale, today, I felt inspired to write a blog that is an imaginary conversation with you and to put my best effort into contacting you directly. 🙂 I hope that someday I will be a valuable friend to you and your amazing community of great thinkers. I also hope that if I was off in any of my imagined responses from you – that I wasn’t too far off and that I truly honored your teachings.

Products mentioned in this article are available for purchase here:

  • Life’s Missing Instruction Manual – one of the best books I’ve ever read. Highly recommend it to EVERYONE! No matter where you are in life 5 stars.
  • The Secret – if you missed the movie you must have been under a rock some where for a long time. 🙂 Check it out. I also keep a copy of the book handy. I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t yet believe that they can create their own destiny. 4 Stars
  • The Attractor Factor – This is a book about making the secret work. I have referenced it many times. If you are trying to manifest something – especially something specific – this book is for you. 4 stars
  • The Remembering Process – Help to get out of writers block or any other creative block you may have. Perfect if you want to create something by a deadline or even if you just want to do it quickly. I’ve found this to be a remarkably effective technique. 4 stars
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